We have experience investing in cryptos since
2015, have written whitepapers for ICOs and
conducted in-depth analysis blockchain reports.

Through our advisory and research services, we will work as an extension
of your team in order to support your innovative blockchain projects and


While the industry is rapidly envolving, our goal remains the same: to be at the forefront of new blockchain technologies and invest in emerging innovative solutions.


Aaron and Felix met working as fund managers at a fortune 500 company, with a specific focus on blockchain strategies, acquisitions and investments. Alongside their professional investments, they have successfully invested in multiple crypto assets in a wide variety of sectors.

The team is recognized as blockchain experts worldwide and have given speeches at multiple venues worldwide as well as guest lectured at Donghua University in Shanghai for “Real Life Use Cases of Blockchain and AI”.

Aaron Perkowitz

Co-founder of Crypto-Reports

Felix Engelhardt

Co-founder of Crypto-Reports

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